Empowering Healing Through Placenta Donation

Phoenix Donor Services enables pregnant women looking to donate their placenta for medical treatments.

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Why Donate?

Donating your placenta with Phoenix Donor Services is a remarkable opportunity to impact the lives of others. By donating, you can provide hope, and a chance for a better future for individuals in need. Your selfless act can make a lasting difference, helping those suffering from injuries or conditions that hinder their daily lives. Through the regenerative properties of amniotic tissue, you can contribute to medical advancements and research, pushing the boundaries of healing possibilities.

  • Empower medical advancements by contributing to innovation in healing and treatment
  • Make a lasting impact in others' recovery process
  • Give the gift of hope to those in need
empower recovery for others

Make An Impact

Your donation can be used to create healing grafts, assisting patients in their recovery from various injuries and conditions.

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How it Works.

Once you decide to donate, one of our dedicated team members will provide a consultation, answering any questions you may have and ensuring you have a clear understanding of the donation process.

Collection will occur via a scheduled Cesarean (C-section) or vaginal delivery after your baby's birth. Rest assured; this process will not affect your newborn's delivery or the care you receive.

Once collected, Phoenix Donor Services will coordinate with your delivery doctor, handling all necessary transportation and storage procedures. Your generous donation will then be made available to individuals in need, providing them the opportunity for an improved quality of life.

our mission to spread hope

A Message From Our Founder

At Phoenix Donor Services, we understand the transformative power of placenta tissue in healing. Our mission is to empower women to make a difference by donating to help others in need. By providing a safe and streamlined donation process, we aim to support individuals on their healing journeys while respecting the generosity and compassion of our donors.

Abel Bullock, Founder & CEO
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